The Bosnian Bible is the first translation of the complete Bible (Old and New Testamens) into the standard Bosnian, the official language of ethnic Bosniaks, of whom the vast majority are Muslims.
With this translation Bosnian has become one more world language with its own translation of the Bible, and the Bible finally became an integral part of the culture of Bosniak Muslims, although it will never be used for their religious practices.
Official initiator, editor and distributor of the first Bosnian Bible was Redžo Trako, a Bosniak scholar of Islamic religious background with the PhD (Doctorate of Philosophy) from the Queen’s Universityof Belfast (2007).
Although the original idea of ​​translating the Bible into Bosnian actually was born in the BelfastBible College, where Dr. Trako once was the only foreign student without a Bible in his mother tongue, the whole process of making the first Bosnian Bible took place in Bosnia-Herzegovina alone, including translation, checking, proofreading, editing, printing, publishing and distribution.
Even more, all the translation and publishing process was exclusively made by a group of prominent Islamic scholars from Sarajevo, capital of Bosnia-Herzegovina, during last 12 years (2001 – 2013):
1.- Academician  Dr. Rešid Hafizović, a member of the Imperial Iranian Academy of Philosophy of Tehran, the vice-director and a full professor at the Faculty of Islamic Sciences of Sarajevo.
2.- Dr Senahid Halilović, the author of the first modern Bosnian Orthography, a co-author of the first modern Bosnian Dictionary and a full professor at the Philosophy University of Sarajevo.
3.- Dr Ismail Palić, a specialist of the syntax of Bosnian language, and also a co-author of the first modern Bosnian Dictionary and a full professor at the Philosophy University of Sarajevo.
4.- Effendy Edib Kafadar, the head of the Public Relation Office at the Sarajevo School of Science and Technology, the first private univerity in Bosnia-Herzegovina.
Narcis Pozderac, the owner of TDP (Training & Design & Publishing d.o.o.) , the Bosnian Biblepublishing company, is also a Bosniak Muslim intelectual from Sarajevo.
The translation was checked for accuracy and completeness by an world renowned exeget James Dannenberg, according to whom it is one of the best Bible translation he has ever worked on.  
The first Bosnian Bible from beginning to end was sponsored by a Crumlin based trust called theFriends of Bosnia and Croatia in Northern Ireland (formerly a charity called the Church Growth Croatia & Bosnia), founded and led by Stuart Moses Graham, with his wife Ann, and all the funds were raised from sources within Northern Ireland.
Looking from a geopolitical point of view this translation shows that the Bosniak Muslim intelectuals can made the most important Judeo-Christian work (the Bible) available to all speakers of Bosnian, regardless of their religious background and ethnicity.
Translators already have been pointed out that the Bosnian Bible is one of most important public sign of peace and reconciliation between Muslims and Christians after the last Yugoslavian bloody war (1991-1995).
Thus, it appears that this unique project have the potential to change the Muslim-Christian perception, especially in the central area of the Western Balkans (Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro).
The original idea was to gather the research on the assumed pre-reformation Balkan Christian movement called Bogumilizam, which is attributed to the production of several incomplete manuscript translation of the Bible in the medieval Bosnian language, as well as various contemporary attempts of translating certain parts of the Bible into modern Bosnia, which was finally resulted in the emergence of the first Bosnian Bible, or the first complete translation of the Bible into the standard Bosnian.
Unfortunately, for such a complex project it will be necessary to present the main conclusions of my research about Bogimilizmu, then attach copies of comments and several of the most medieval English Bible manuscripa, then attach the data and parts of several of the most modern attempts at a partial translation of the Bible into bosnaks, and then finally present our Bosnia’s first Bible. In order to achieve this we will need to work on the project website a little longer time. For now, here I attach all conferences and presenting our first Bosnian Bible on which I personally participated since the time of its publication.
1.- Dr Redžo Trako, James Dannenberg, Stuart Moses Graham and Dr Selwyn Black, First public presentation of the first Bosnian Bible, Public Library and Reading Room, Daruvar, Croatia, 29 October 2014.
2.- Dr Redžo Trako, Dr Rešid Hafizović, Dr Senahid Halilović and James Danneberg, Public presentation of the first Bosnian Bible, Evangelical Theological Seminy, Osijek, Croatia, 30 ctober 2014.
3.- Dr Redžo Trako, Seminar on Bible translation in Bosnian, February 11th, 2014, Union Theologycal College, Belfast, Northern Ireland, 11 Fabruary 2014.
4.- Dr Redžo Trako: Public presentation of the first Bosnian Bible, The fifth night of prayer within the World Week of Prayer for the unity of Christians, Evangelical Pentecostal Church Good News, Osijek, Croatia, 22 January 2014.
5.- Dr Redžo Trako, Deconstruction of Bosnian Bogomilism, First Interdisciplinary Conference „Religion in Everyday lives“, Vienna, Austria 28 – 29 March 2014.
6.- Dr Redžo Trako, The first Bosnian Bible in the service of reconciliation between Muslims and Christians in the central area of the Western Balkans, International Scientific Conference „Religion, Responsibility, Reconcilation and Transitional Justice”, Osijek, Croatia, 20 – 21 June 2014.
7.- Dr Redžo Trako, The first translation of the entire Bible into the standard Bosnian made by Bosniak Muslim scholars – a public path to reconciliation, Mid-term Conference „Religion in the Public Domain – Diversity, Dialogue and Peace“,  The European Sociological Association’s (ESA), Sociology of Religion Research Network, Belfast, Northern Ireland, 3 – 5 September 2014.
8.- Dr Redžo Trako, The first translation of the entire Bible into the standard Bosnian, as a way f proclaiming the truth to Muslims, Prevail Conference „Facing the Rise of Political and Religious Islam – Rise of Islam in the Balkans“, Struga, Macedonia, 29 September – 2 October 2014.
9.- Dr Redžo Trako, The first translation of the whole Bible into Bosnian language (Sarajevo, 2013) – a path to reconciliation?, International Scientific Conference “Religions and Ideologies, Peace or Violence? – Pathways towards Local/Global Empathy and Justice”, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 6 – 9 November 2014.
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