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Dr Redžo Trako
Home address: Franca Prešerna 7, 43500 Daruvar, Republic of Croatia
Telephone: 00385-(0)43-334806
Mobile: 00385-(0)91-1165509
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Dr Redžo Trako is currently a lecturer of Medieval Bosnian Church History, Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations in the Western Balkans at the Evangelical Theological Seminary, Osijek, Croatia.
He obtained the Doctorate of Philosophy in 2007 at the Queen’s University, Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK, with PhD thesis entitled “The Role of Bogomilism in the Creation of Bosnian Identity in the Middle Ages”.
His main research interest is the contextualization of the biblical message into the culture and spiritual language of Muslim Bosniaks.

The original idea was to gather the research on the assumed pre-reformation Balkan Christian movement called Bogumilizam, which is attributed to the production of several incomplete manuscript translation of the Bible in the medieval Bosnian language, as well as various contemporary attempts of translating certain parts of the Bible into modern Bosnia, which was finally resulted in the emergence of the first Bosnian Bible, or the first complete translation of the Bible into the standard Bosnian.

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